A H Muller

12 x 16 Inches
Chromolithograph on Paper
Signed in English lower right in print.

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Surface creases visible. Overall condition good.


Archibald Herman Müller was an artist of realistic paintings and one of India's early 20th Century great talents. Müller was born of German parentage, and lived and worked in India. He joined the Madras School of Art and received early recognition. He won the Gold Medal at Madras School of Art. After completing his education, he worked with his brother in his photography studio for some time. Müller went to Bombay in 1911. He won the Gold Medal from the Bombay Art Society in the same year. He travelled a lot through Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and in the Himalayas, enjoying the patronage of various royal families of the time. His paintings included landscapes, portraits and scenes from the life of the Maharajas (Kings), historical subjects and incidents from the Indian Hindu epics - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.