Jyotirindra Roy

Roopa Bharati
66 x 30 Inches
Tempera on Board
Signed in English lower right and dated 1947

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We are pleased to present an exceptionally rare and historical painting by the artist Jyotirindra Roy. The work Titled 'Roop Bharati' depicts an artist showing his scroll paintings, to his patrons, who are keenly examining the artworks on offer. The artist holds a staff in one hand, to which the scroll is secured and unfolded to reveal his paintings, while with the other hand he points out the nuances of his work to the patrons with a delicate stick/brush. There is an attendant holding a flywhisk standing outside the doorway towards the left of the composition denoting that the patrons are perhaps royalty.

The work is a fine example of the 'Indian Style' or the Bombay Revivalist style of painting which was originally championed by J M Ahivasi in the 1930's at the J J School of Art. The style is characterized by the use various elements drawn from the indigenous painting traditions, largely Indian miniature painting.

Jyotirindra Roy is largely unfamiliar today, however his works were regularly exhibited at the Bombay Art Society shows in the 1940's. Illustrated here, are images of the catalogue of the Bombay Art Society's Diamond Jubilee Exhibition held in 1948, wherein one of Jyotirindra Roy's works titled  'Ashoka the pious' was published and exhibited.