S. L. Haldankar

12 x 9 Inches
Watercolor on paper
Signed in English lower left

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Sawlaram Lakshman Haldankar (1882–1968) was born in Sawantwadi, which was then a Princely State and is located today in the state of Maharashtra. In 1903 he joined the J. J. School of Art and was trained under tutelage of artists like A. X. Trinidade and M. V. Dhurandhar. He was accomplished in both watercolors and oils, with a special mastery over portraits. After graduating from the J.J. School of Arts, Haldankar accepted a teaching job at the same institution and served there for some years.

In 1908, he left the J.J. School of Art and founded the Haldankar Fine Arts' Institute in Bombay. Later, with some friends, he founded the Art Society of India in 1918 and became its first president.

Haldankar's works have been exhibited in Mumbai, Madras, Simla and the Royal Society of British Artists, London where he was awarded two commendation certificates. He was presented with the Governor's Prize by the British Government of Bombay Presidency in the years 1910, 1927 and 1932. After independence, S.L. Haldankar was felicitated by the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. He was also felicitated as a fellow of the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. An Italian encyclopedia (available at a library in Wai in Satara district of Maharashtra) ranks Haldankar as one of the three finest watercolorists in the world.